Since 1988, Los Angeles based American Watch has been offering practical information for those who desire to produce and distribute their own private label watch line. The principles at American Watch have a combined 65 years of luxury watch manufacturing and clearly understand the art of watchmaking. Even though their watches are produced in the USA, American Watch remains cultured in the values of traditional watchmaking.

From the creative to production, American Watch will develop watch inspired brand strategies specifically tailored to your organization. Known as an integrated watch manufacturer specializing in the luxury, fashion, and smartwatch business, many famous brands have used American Watch’s extended services. From creative development to manufacturing and merchandising strategies for brands, they provide the experience, resources, and capabilities necessary in watchmaking. They are an experienced group of individuals who enjoy solving the challenges brands &retailers face in the ever-changing and niche competitive timepiece market. 

Their knowledge of manufacturing and design has given them an unparalleled view of the watch industry and are one of the first who pioneered direct to consumer branding. They understand where the watch market has been and where it is going. Their expertise & exceptional services help any organization achieve profitable sales through our best practice manufacturing, marketing, and efficient business processes, even fulfillment. 

Our Success

Our Principals Have Worked With the Best Brands in the Business: