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One essential step is to identify extension product categories where a new entry will benefit from and contribute to the brand value.  A watch brand extension, when produced correctly, will appeal to a new group of consumers while building on the brand equity and following you already have.

A watch is like no other. Watches are in a category of its own in that; It can be worn every day, under any circumstance, in any climate, has no seasonality and everyone can use one.  Your loyal brand consumer will have positive brand reinforcement at a minimum of 20-times per day as they read the time on their watch.

Even with the advent of technology and smartphones, watches have yet to go out-of-style.  Watches have never been more in-style than now. Brand extensions into watches can be both images enhancing and profitable. We are watchmaking experts who can create a boutique watch collection focused on your brand equity and value.

American Watch works closely with your organization to understand your mission, values, and market positioning. We will create a quality watch collection to complement your brand and marketing objectives.

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