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We love what we do and we're proud of our work. We don't believe in “cookie cutter” watch designs. We are a prime watch manufacturer who understands the art of watchmaking. Our watches are curated by top watch designers in the brand vision for those who engage our services. Every timepiece is made from the highest quality materials and our watches built to last a lifetime.

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With over 30 years of experience, partnering with American Watch eliminates unnecessary trial and error costs while reducing risks. The principals have developed watch programs for some of the greatest brands that include, Disney, Levi Strauss, NFL, Marvel and Saks Fifth Avenue. We are aware of the challenges and opportunities in the new B2C economy. American Watch has a record of success, helping our clients grow to achieve profitable sales through creative design, streamlined manufacturing, and efficient business processes.

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In House 3D Rendering

With photorealistic 3D renderings, you can make detailed changes and never need to start from scratch. Rendering saves time and money during the design process. 3D renders allow the design process to move faster with greater ease, perfection, and far less expense than hand-drawn concepts. Our 3D rendering process maintains marketing and branding consistency for all your marketing materials. Once the rendering has been technically approved for production, you can fast track catalogs, brochures, and social media Advertisements with your 3D Images.



We will prototype a live sample using our proprietary watch-making CNC process. AW-CNC Allows a swift turnaround, sometimes as fast as (2) two days. The precision of a CNC sample will enable us to streamline the manufacturing workflow without long delays customarily quoted in the tooling-up process. Additionally, the high tolerances allow us to correct designs on the fly to make last-minute changes. Lastly, you will see and feel a solid sample in real-time in a variety of finishes only available through our CNC process.

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