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American Watch is Like no other.

From the brand extension, logo watches, to private label manufacturing, we keep raising the bar to delight and amaze our clients. As a smaller, family-owned, and operated business, American Watch’s care and attention are given to your organization is unparalleled. It’s the reason why some of the biggest brand names in the world continue to use our services. From design, manufacturing, to marketing, our services help our clients grow and achieve profitable sales through competitive margins, utmost quality, and brand-enhancing consumer watch products.

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Because we are based in the USA, American Watch can work in small quantity production. One-Offs do allow you the opportunity to test the market and your design idea before committing to a significant production run.  One-off production takes a little longer and often means it is a little more expensive per piece than a Batch or Mass Production.

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This is when a series of watch products which (which are all the same watch case) are made jointly in either large or small numbers. Once these have products, have been made once more of the same products may be made using the same equipment. This equipment includes tools, molds, machinery, and labor. We do offer storage and fulfillment at our facility in Down Town Los Angeles

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MASS PRODUCTION (Our typical production model)

Mass production involves the watch product going through many stages of a production line. There are workers and machines at specific steps along the path that is responsible for making certain parts of the product. This product is quite reasonably priced due to the large-scale production techniques used.

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Just in time production means just that. This involves the arrival of your watches at precisely the exact time that they are required in your warehouse. This means that less storage space is needed at your facility, so its saving space and your cash-flow.

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