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Made where and when you want it.
For over 30 years we’ve been passionately making corporate logo and branded adventure watches in our own 15,000 square foot, free-standing building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Every piece is designed with the vision of our customers in mind. Most models are hand-crafted in-house.  With a vast network of factories and manufacturers, both domestically and internationally, (including our own satellite office in China) American Watch Co. can exceed expectations in quality and quantity. Whether Japanese, American or Swiss-made; Automatic or quartz; price-centric, quality-centric, American Watch has the know-how to make your project happen, on-time and in budget.


Since 1998  

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Our watchmaking services include:

  • Assembly:  Assembling the watches and movements is fundamentally the most important part in the manufacturing process. This step ensures the overall accuracy and water resistance of the watch. Our team of advanced watchmakers have the expertise and precision needed to perform this stage of production.
  • CAD design: Detailed images and Technical drawings.
  • ODM ( original design manufacturer): we offer in-stock watch designs/ molds that can be readied for a quick ship / production for gifting or promotional opportunities. 
  • Compliance: REACH, RoHS & California Proposition 65We manufacture without the use of hazardous materials and our products do not contain excessive amounts of restricted chemicals. 
  • Independent testing: Inspection and certification services (TIC) when required. 
  • Domestic and International project management: Our headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. We have a Satellite office in Shenzhen China. 
  • Inspection: We have formal procedures for the inspection incoming watch cases, movements and bands and all other components prior to assembly in the USA. 
  • Quality Control: There are established checkpoints throughout the production process. You can also book your own quality inspections.
  • Metals: We manufacture in the following

Precious (18KT or 14KT gold and Silver)


Stainless Steel

Zinc Alloy


18K Gold




Stainless Steel


Zinc Alloy

  • Movements: We work with






Swiss Mechanical/Automatic

Proprietary Smartwatch development

  • Attachments and Components: We have a worldwide network with long-term relationships to find the right materials. Whether you request Italian Leather straps, German dials or Swiss automatic movements, we have the source. 
  • Dial Personalization and Custom engraving: We have streamlined the process for personalized watch programs. We can do (1) one, or 1000 (one thousand) watches right here in the USA.  
  • Labeling: UPC, EDI & Bar coding for the USA or EU. We have the experience and the team for a fast turn-a-round. 
  • Packing: We offer several diffident packing options as well as pre-pack services sorted for most major USA retailers’ requirements. We understand their packing / receiving procedures, so you don’t have to. 
  • After Sales Service: We’re like no other. Offering services that most others would never do. We have over 20 years of customer service to the end consumer. We do it right. We can create video tutorials of your product when needed.


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